Swiffer WetJet: “green” FAIL

In my last post, I guess it was pretty obvious that I’m not what you’d call a “green” blogger. I’m a “conscientious” blogger, meaning that I like to explore ways of doing things better (often greener), but I admit when I’ve failed.

So, I’ll just follow up on that thought by telling you about my latest “green” FAIL: Swiffer WetJet.

I first used one of these babies when cleaning a friend’s house for her. I thought it was awesome at the time, because it keeps you from having to fill the sink with water to mop (I usually use a microfiber pad mop, the microfiber pad can be washed in the washing machine).

But the things that bother me about the WetJet are many:

1) It uses plastic containers for the cleaning solution. Sure, they can be recycled – but why am I buying things just to toss them?? You have to buy more regularly.
2) The cleaning solution is in *no way* green – in fact, when I finally did break down and buy one, the smell from the solution was so strong after cleaning only my kitchen, that I had to leave all the windows open and I nearly asphyxiated. My child was in the adjoining room!!
3) The cleaning pads for the WetJet: disposable, full of plastic. I doubt they are biodegradable and I would almost bet they are leeching all kinds of crazy chemicals into landfills.

I was convinced I could “green” this thing, just like when I “greened” the Swiffer dry mop.

First, I tried attached a microfiber cloth to the bottom instead of the disposable pads. This did not work like it did for the dry mop because the cloth has to hold up to being wet. The little gripper things on the top of the WetJet just aren’t up to the job of securing something as heavy as a microfiber cloth. Also, wrapping the cloth around the WetJet blocks the openings where the cleaning solution comes out.

Next, I tried replacing the cleaning solution. I asked for empty WetJet cleaning solution containers on Freecycle and somebody had some! I put my faithful Method cleaner in the empty container and…the container peed itself. I don’t know why but apparently it can’t hold up to being reused? Or else I have a later model WetJet and there are various sizes of refill containers and I had the wrong size? Why would they DO that??!!

I felt like I needed a Master’s degree to simply replace the cleaning solution cartridge for this thing. And it’s not like this is something I was doing outside the manufacturer’s suggestion – the WetJet is supposedly made to be able to switch between different solutions, they make one for vinyl floors and one for wood floors (I have both).
Why so difficult to switch cleaning solution cartridges, Swiffer?

So now I am annoyed that I spent money on this thing that isn’t green and can’t be recycled.
I think I will post it on Freecycle for someone to come pick up.

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