Sometimes I fear the pants

So, I actually bought some pants online just now. At first that might seem insane – I thought so myself. But I have been trying to buy some pants that I can wear to work for months now and I just can’t do it. I hate going into the stores and trying to find pants that fit. All I do is get mad at how no one makes pants for people my size that don’t show my entire backside when I sit down or create what I like to refer to as a “halo” around my waist with the waistband. I realize that I can sew and that I could buy pants that don’t fit and alter them, but have you ever tried to alter something with a waistband? And who has 7 hours to do it??? Not me!

It ruins my whole day whenever I try shopping for pants. I have now given up and I am going to see if I can avoid the whole nasty experience by just buying them online. If they don’t fit, I will send them back.

We both have tomorrow off work because Meredith and Kelly are coming in tonight to stay with us on their way back from their honeymoon. That should be fun!

Then back to work for 2 more days, then this weekend we are headed down to Inks Lake to go camping with friends from San Antonio. I hope it’s relaxing!
Maybe when we get back my pants will have arrived.

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