It made me sick, I thought it was a good film

Yesterday after brunch with friends, we went to see the documentary Subdivided playing at the Angelika as part of the USAA Film Festival. We had missed seeing this documentary on PBS twice and then our pastor mentioned it in a sermon right after we missed it so we were determined not to miss it this time!

I need to mention that because we came from a brunch we were a little late and ended up in the 4th row of the theatre. Before playing “Subdivided”, they played a somewhat more amateur documentary about gated communities “United Gates of America” and it was not that great – the director focused a little too much on people’s personal problems and not about the actual subject matter. There was also some language and racism that, while I understand he was trying to point out … something (I don’t know what)… went on too long. The part that mattered the most, though, was the choppiness of the filming. Think “The Blair Witch Project”. (which I also ended up seeing it from the 4th row, and after which I literally lost my lunch in the parking lot)

Interestingly enough, the same thing happened with this film! Well, we hadn’t gotten to the point of actually re-visiting our brunch yet but we were both close. We finally got up and sat in what were marked as Reserved seats toward the back, just so that we could make it to seeing “Subdivided”, which is the one we came to see in the first place.

“Subdivided” was a good film, although I’d like to see it again when I’m not trying to hold down my food. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of living in a suburb or who might have the bad taste to make fun of areas like Lakewood or Little Forest Hills because they aren’t Frisco.