Scooter in the wind

This morning there was precipitation falling from the sky when I went to meet Mica and Mel so I could not ride the scooter there. I thought there was no hope for riding to work, but right as I was getting in the car, the sun came out! So I hopped on the scooter and the ride to work was uneventful. There was a little wind but it was not too bad. The scooter is small so it didn’t catch much wind.

The wind was a different story when I left work! It is something like 35-40 mph out there I think. At one point, at the beginning when I was on a cross road with no trees around, I was blown into an entirely different lane than where I started. Fortunately this trip was taking place at 3 PM and hardly anyone was on the road. I discovered that it was best to walk the scooter across cross roads, and that if I stayed under 10 mph I would have more control. So I made it home and by the time I got into neighborhood areas, there was not much problem because the trees broke the wind.
That was my first adventure with the scooter.

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