Our weekend at Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson

While we were walking around Cottonwood Art Festival this morning, I overheard a man saying to his companion: “It’s neat that we live in a town that puts on events like this, y’know?”

I have to say that I agree with that gentleman. Even though it’s usually getting hot outside already by May and in October (when the Festival will come back again), it’s always cooler by the lake and there’s plenty of shade and cool treats!

We put the kids in the wagon and walked to Cottonwood Park from our house. Here we are entering the main cafe and pavilion area!

Entering the main pavilion area

ArtStop for the Kids was our first…stop.

ArtStop, Cottonwood Art Festival Spring 2012

Little Sir and his friend Zane were pretty good about sharing the chalkboard.

ArtStop - collaborative chalk art

Even though he is old enough this year, Little Sir wasn’t really that interested in participating in the paid craft activities. I really thought he would like this huge painting opportunity, but he was too distracted:

ArtStop Kids "Big Picture" project

I love the huge mural idea and I wonder what they do with it when the festival is over?
Next, we took a quick run through some of the artist booths and displays…

Art on display Art booth Yard art

Sculpture "Talking To Myself" Artisan jewelry Kinetic sculpture

…on our way to one of our favorite stops: “fair” food!

Food court Kona Ice shaved ice truck Carnival style lemonade

Soon the kiddos were worn out, and we headed home. For more photos that I didn’t include in this post, take a look at my Cottonwood Art Festival set on Flickr.

It does occur to me that this would be a great place to go and hang out peacefully on the pavilion, listening to live music, without kids!

The Pavilion with live music

Remember, the festival has extended hours this season – it will be open until 8pm tonight as well as tomorrow (Sunday) at 10am until 6pm. It’s not too late! Come out and see our favorite festival!