Old crushes

old crushes

¬†Here’s a NaBloPoMo writing prompt from last week:
Make a list of everyone you’ve ever had a crush on in your life, then choose one from the list and describe him or her in great detail.¬†

Instead of doing that, I would like to explain why I don’t do things like that. Yes, part of it is that I am married and I feel like it’s just not respectful to my husband for me to go around thinking about past crushes. And another part is that I can’t even remember most of them because I was 12 years old. But mostly, it’s because I don’t really believe in looking back like that.

What I mean is that I don’t really agree with the practice of looking back at something I “might have done” or I “missed out on”. I don’t think I’ve missed out on anything. Each one of the relationships I had ended for a good reason. Each one of the crushes that was never returned was for a logical reason. Sometimes it might have been fate – had anything turned out differently, I would not be where I am now. Sometimes it was because of incompatibility and I’m so thankful that one of us realized that and ended it. Sometimes it was because we learned what we were meant to learn from the time we were (or weren’t) together, and we took that knowledge and experience with us, and it has formed us into the people we needed to become to find our ultimate life’s partners.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t have a lot of regrets, even though I had some difficult and hurtful experiences. I believe that all of them were for a reason and they were all helpful.
I am thankful for the experiences.