6 Things – My Past

Since it is NaBloPoMo and I am pretty desperate for topics, I am going to take a cue from my Twitter friend LaurenACarlton and do “6 Things” which, as best I can tell, is 6 random facts about yourself that people possibly do not know.

These 6 things are about my past because I think some of those things are more surprising than anything from my present.

1. I have two tattoos and I still like both of them, despite the fact that they are faded and need to be redone, and one is in the stereotypical “tramp stamp” location.
2. The guy I dated in high school was eerily similar to my husband in personality, life experience, and even religion. I really believe that I was so attracted to him because I was looking for Christian and didn’t know it yet.
3. There was a time in my life where I smoked a lot of weed, basically in lieu of antidepressants.
4. I also smoked menthol light cigarettes for 3 years. People were always surprised when they found out I smoked menthols, like that was hardcore or something but I thought they tasted good. Now cigarette smoke makes me nauseated.
5. I bailed one of my boyfriends out of jail for a DUI. He was driving less than a mile from the bar to his apartment, he could have walked.
6. In my 20’s I had a job at a luxury automobile dealership where I got to take home a Porsche several times and once a Mercedes SLK convertible. I used to know a lot about performance cars during that time in my life.