Obsessed with tiny plastic bottles & bags

Lately I’ve been fixated on how I can get all our toiletry items for a whole week into 3 oz bottles and 2 of those quart sized bags that the airline allows for carry-on luggage. I have a strange fear of checking baggage and I love packing as efficiently as possible for long periods of travel in very small bags. But it doesn’t help that I’m a beauty product fiend and I’m brokenhearted at the thought of going without Arbonne for a week.

Also been searching for comfortable walking shoes that also look nice. Right now I am looking at Merrells, Danskos, and Earth shoes. I’m starting to think I need to give up on nice-looking and just go for comfort, then bring 1 pair of nice shoes for “just in case”.

Psychologically, I am sure that all my vacation planning has to do with the fact that I’m not excited about some things going on at work right now. But the weather in San Francisco sure is a good enough reason to wish I wasn’t here!