Miscellaneous: house, kids, parties, budgets

I realize that it is Wednesday and I haven’t posted at all this week yet. I had some ideas for posts that just didn’t seem all that great to me. I couldn’t get enthused. In addition, we have been working on putting together all the fun paperwork that is involved in buying our first house.

I really do NOT understand how people can just buy and sell houses like it’s no big deal! I mean, the bank needs signed letters of explanation for everything… and cancelled checks… and they are all up in my PayPal and whatnot. Is it just because both of us occasionally do 1099 work? Is it because we are on one income? I have no idea, but all the documentation is ridiculous. I am so thankful for scanners, otherwise we would be wasting a ton of paper and killing the earth.

In other activities, we just finished celebrating Little Sir’s 2nd birthday, which took some time and planning in itself. We have already attended one Halloween party for his playgroup this week, with another Halloween party to come on Thursday at Mother’s Day Out. It’s an awful lot of cuteness!

Finally, in an effort to stop spending ridiculous amounts of money on groceries and home purchases, I have put myself on a cash-only basis for those 2 categories of our budget. I am doing terribly at it. We run out of money for milk for the kids and I get really hungry because I spent all my money on scallops, which I failed to cook properly, or at Costco on whatever it is that we buy at Costco.

That would probably make a really good post but it’s 11PM and I have to go to sleep now.
Maybe tomorrow? (don’t hold your breath)