Leaving tomorrow

We had such a fun day in Kyoto visiting some beautiful temples and
then this evening on a really long shopping street in Osaka. We didn’t
buy anything, just walked around and had dinner at a little ramen shop
– it was all neon and fashionable youngsters, like Times Square.

Tomorrow we ride the Shinkansen train from Osaka to Tokyo and then to
the airport. We are sad to be leaving -I fell in love with Kyoto and
the wonderful way they incorporate nature into their architecture and
places of worship. It makes me sad that over centuries of
Christianity, the church has traditionally destroyed nature to build
cold concrete monuments to God, rather than working in harmony with
His creation to build things that would continue to live and grow…we
could learn a lot from Buddists in that way, it seems.

Anyway, this will be my last post from Japan. See you all back in the

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