I’ve been choosing sleep and cleaning

If it’s all about balance, I’m still working on mine. Right now, I’m barely on top of housework and cooking. I’m very proud to report that I cooked dinner from scratch 3-4 times last week!

I’ve been using the kids’ naptimes to nap myself and to work on my part-time job.

I think right now I do need to prioritize the paid work and making healthy food for my family. However, for the third and fourth in line, I might need to give up on some of the cleaning in order to blog more.

A lot of cool things have been happening on the blogging front! I just joined Mamas Write, a local bloggers group. I met some of the other members yesterday and learned about a cool new nutritional option for my picky toddler that I hope to be reporting on soon.

I’m also over at She Is Dallas today talking about our favorite kid-friendly restaurant in Richardson.