I Wish…

I am going to participate in this fun suggestion from Miss Elaine today, because honestly I have not had a lot to write about lately. I try so very hard to keep the baby stuff out of this blog, but I am getting to the point where I am super tired of being pregnant. We are just sitting around, waiting for me to go into labor over here. It could be as much as 2 weeks, or it could be any day. The baby is so low in my pelvis right now that it takes it’s little arms and tweaks me internally in places that really should not be tweaked, if you ask me. Very painful sometimes! One thing I am not worried about is the strength of this baby. This child is STRONG, and has always been strong! It gets excited and beats up my insides.

See, I told you, I have problems talking about things other than waiting on the baby right now.

So here, from Miss Elaine:

I Wish…

  • for a healthy baby, of course
  • for this healthy baby to go ahead and come out, as long as it’s ready and all that…
  • that the various facets of government would work together, for the good of everyone, and not just for the special interests or major corporations, or their own interests, for the money
  • that people would understand the freaking difference between health insurance reform and health care reform. NOT THE SAME THING, PEOPLE *climbing down off soapbox*
  • for more of this lovely fall-ish weather
  • for frozen yogurt, pretty much any time
  • for more paid time off after the baby is born. Maybe I should just go ahead and wish I lived in Europe, where that actually happens.
  • for paid time off now, before the baby is born. Which also requires a wish, since I used up all my comp time on the stupid bed rest, meaning I have to work 8 hour days again now, right up until I actually go into labor. Thank you, American work policies.
  • for another pair of brown wedges to replace my favorite pair which finally fell apart. Those shoes were awesome. They matched everything and they were so comfy.
  • for a NatureMill composter, as always. Without having to cough up the $300-$400.
  • to somehow avoid all the stress of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. I can feel them creeping up on me, even now. Every year I dread it. No, we do not know where we are traveling for either holiday yet. We will let everyone know when we figure it out, considering we will have a newborn, I will be back to work, and neither of us will have any vacation days left by then. We will do our best, but I understand that someone is going to be upset because we cannot be everywhere, and that is just too bad.
  • for that wonderful nanny who is out there somewhere, waiting to be hired by us. I wish many good things for her, and I can’t wait to meet her!
  • for cake, I love cake.

Well, that is all for now. What do you wish for??

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