I do whatever the voices tell me to do

I am 30 years old, I have to face the reality that I am addicted to makeup and skincare. Perhaps moreso lately in reaction to these horrible breakouts I have been having. But I have to say that I love beauty products even when my face is clear.

Last night my husband attended a concert while I stayed home working (late shift) and then when I finished I read my Glamour magazine, which I admit that I read cover-to-cover every single month.

Side note: please do not confuse Glamour with Cosmopolitan. I used to read Cosmo in college and I can tell you that it is mostly about encouraging inappropriate sex. But Glamour really focuses more fashion and beauty and incorporates women’s issues, such as Mariane Pearl’s Global Diary . But always Glamour emphasizes women being happy with who they are, not about using their bodies to attract men and find significance there. Even though they use skinny models who need to eat something. Still. I just want to say, it is a better magazine than Cosmo, morally and politically.

Anyway, last night I saw some advertisement or review in Glamour for Sally Hansen’s new natural lipstick/lipglosses influenced by some kind of famous makeup artist (more reviews). So, I must admit that I went to CVS today at lunch and bought it. I am wearing it right now, and I have to say that I am a fan too. It does feel just like chapstick but has a color like lipstick. And it is made of all natural elements, no paraben. It just goes to show that devotion to shameless advertising does pay off sometimes!