Happy Earth Day!

I wanted to post a link to the amazing video on Oprah today, it showed this enormous belt of trash floating in the ocean between California and Japan. It is the size of Texas and is composed mostly of plastics, which never biodegrade! Unfortunately, Oprah.com keeps saying that I need to download Adobe Acrobat 9.0 in order the view the video – but I have installed it 3 times! So, no luck in linking to it. Maybe you might have better luck?

Once again, I feel guilty for using plastic sandwich baggies. I haven’t used a plastic grocery bag in ages, I have so many cloth bags stashed in all our cars. But I admit, I use the ziploc baggies. I have looked at the sandwich wraps 100 times online and never bought one. I use them for so many things…but I know they are bad. I don’t know why I don’t just invest some money on reuseablebags.com … they have great alternatives.

If I do carry through with this, I will review them for sure. I think I have been convicted!

2 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. donnale says:

    I use a little plastic kids’, actually, sandwich “box” that was on a hang tag in the kitchen items. there are also cheerio-shaped containers for roll-y type foods/snacks. I like them because they are reusable and fun!

  2. Sandra Bembenek says:

    Eric and I have wondered the exact same thing. I like the idea of the sandwich box for sandwiches. Let us know if you do the reusable bags thing!

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