Green: kitty litter and trash bags

I’d like to follow up on a few past posts about my search for green kitty litter and environmentally friendly trash bags.

Trash bags

As noted before, the BioBag, while it is a great idea, continued to biodegrade inside my trash can in the kitchen within about 72 hours, so that every time I went to take out the trash, half the bag was gone and I had a mess inside my trash can. So, now I’ve found the Enviro-Bag, which is a trash bag made out of those thin plastic grocery bags recycled through school recycling programs. While I realize that these bags still don’t biodegrade like BioBag would, this is supporting two really good things: reusing and school programs. So, ethically, I feel that this is a good alternative for us.

Kitty litter

This was a more difficult search. I am now on my third brand, but I am thinking right now that the third time might be the charm! Right now we are using something called “World’s Best Cat Litter“. It does seem to hold the odors well, and the particles, while larger than traditional litter, are not as large as the other brands I tried, and not as sharp and pointy when I step on them with bare feet. It’s biodegradable and clumping. I’ve filled both the litter boxes with it so far and it is working great!

So, I am excited about these new developments. In other “green” news, we have currently lost all our sources for waste vegetable oil, which is what we have been running our Mercedes on. If anyone reading this knows someone who owns or works at a restaurant in the DFW area who would have access to waste veggie oil, please contact me. Otherwise, we are kicking around the idea of selling the MB.

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