My gentle reflexology and aromatherapy experiences

NOTE: I received a few free reflexology treatments with no mention that I would blog about them or even mention on social media, but I have decided to do both because this is a great form of alternative health treatment that I think is often underestimated when done by lesser trained individuals!

Gentle reflexology at Happy Feet, Healthy Body

I’ve been receiving reflexology at Happy Feet, Healthy Body now for 3 weeks to help work on my digestive issues and simply assist my body in maintaining its natural balance, immunity, and ability to function as it should. I didn’t know much about reflexology when I started, but I do know that Tanya (the owner and reflexologist) is an EXPERT in essential oils, and always answers my Facebook and Twitter questions about essential oil usage!

If you’ve ever had “reflexology” at a nail salon or other combination place of business, it was probably nothing like gentle reflexology with Tanya. I do remember at a nail salon once, the pedicurist smashed on my feet painfully for a period of time. Ouch! Gentle reflexology is a soft, sustained touch that focuses on the response of the client’s body. It is done in a quiet, dim room with relaxing music playing, in a zero gravity chair with comfy pillows and blankets. One day I had some kefir before I came in for reflexology and my stomach was particularly unhappy and churn-y. Tanya mentioned that touching the area of my feet corresponding to my esophagus and stomach was actually painful for her! She put some peppermint oil on those areas and after the entire treatment (one hour), I had no more stomach discomfort. Usually when my stomach is that upset, it remains uncomfortable all day long. It was really amazing!

I had an aromatherapy cleanse this week as well, which was so interesting. It is similar to the Rain Drop technique taught by Young Living, where essential oils are dropped onto the spine and absorbed by the body. In the Happy Feet technique, there are a series of 7 oils in progression. One blend of oil is dropped at a time and gently smoothed over the spine. Tanya runs her finger down the spine and stops to apply light pressure at any area on the spine that needs extra attention. During this process, the spine can actually be seen to move and re-align in the same way it would during a chiropractic adjustment! After each blend is applied, the spine is covered and warmed to fully absorb, then on to the next blend in the series. Like a reflexology treatment, the aromatherapy cleanse has a detoxifying effect for me.

I have very much enjoyed experiencing this new form of alternative health treatment and I think I’ll be adding it to my monthly preventative regimen. It is also a good tool for me to use when I have particularly bad stomach flare-ups, because one reflexology treatment can halt the symptoms of discomfort.

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  1. Hannah Johansson says:

    I have always had this fear in my mind whether reflexology would hurt my feet. I have heard that it is ticklish. But I now understand that going to the right person makes it done perfectly. I recently went for a reflexology in Mississauga and it was quite an experience. Thanks for the share 🙂

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