Fun date

We had a good time at Shinsei, the food was great! I had a Carrot Coconut Ginger soup to start with, which was like a puree, but smoother. It was a cold soup and it was super good. For the entree I had shrimp tempura which was nice and light and I loved the sauce it came with.

A side note, when we were in Japan we had a lot of different “sauces” for dipping different things in. Sometimes I would like them and ask the tour guide what kind of sauce it was and the answer was always “soy sauce”. Every single variation of dipping sauce, spicy, sweet, sour…it’s all soy sauce. So I will just say, I had soy sauce with my shrimp tempura 🙂 For dessert I had a banana pudding which was served with ginger cookie crumbles and I could see it had vanilla bean in it as well. Delicious!

Christian had chicken yakitori to start, and then chicken with a wonderful sauce served on what I think was arugula and some braised veggies. I tasted the sauce and the veggies and they were YUM. He had a chocolate cake and some green tea ice cream for dessert.

We also had a great ice wine with the dessert but I can’t remember the name. We are fans of the ice wines!

I wish I would have had someone take a picture of us, I didn’t think about it. But it was a good date!