Detox bathing and a warning

Detox bath

I recently stocked up on a huge 5 lb bag of baking soda and two 6 lb bags of epsom salt so that I can take regular detox baths using a recipe that I can no longer find in my Facebook page timeline. (I did find this detox bath for kids – good to try sometime!) The one I remember was super simple, though — just 2 cups of each! I try to do this about every 2 weeks.

There is a tiny issue with detox baths, for me. Not as tiny as our bathroom in our last house, but still small. The bathtub, that is. So small that I can’t fully recline. I can submerge my legs but not my upper body. Or my upper body but with my legs sticking out. There is also a hot water issue. I thought that because I’d been taking detox baths at night after the kids just finished theirs, they had probably just used up the hot water and that was why I ran out of hot water before the tub was halfway full. But tonight I ran upstairs before they had their bath and poured a bath for myself…and ran out of hot water less than halfway full again. It turns out that our water heater actually doesn’t make enough water to fill the bathtub all the way with hot water.

One caveat to this recipe for detox: do NOT think you are going to save time and wash your multiple-bleached unusually-colored and moderately damaged hair into it. You might just end up reversing all the coconut oil masks and conditioning treatments you’ve done for the last few months in an attempt to repair your hair. Just saying.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be cramped up in the cold water with fried hair.