Cloth diaper Thurs: itti bitti d’lish and bitti tutto

Due to all the great diapers I received at the #HauteGreen party at BlogHer this year, I have about 6 new brands I’ve been able to try! I am going to review them every Thursday for around 6 weeks.
I have two versions of itti bitti diapers:

the bitti d’lish (in size Small)

and the bitti tutto

First of all, I had never seen a minky diaper before I was given these itti bitti’s! For those of you not familiar with “minky”, it means the outside of the diaper is made of the kind of fuzziness that stuffed animals’ fur is made of!  When my son first saw the itti bitti tutto, he carried it around hugging it for a while because he thought it was one of his stuffed animals.

The minky-ness makes a little girl baby look soooo cute!

I have to say that I have only tried both of these on my little girl, and neither on the toddler. I didn’t think the blue-green of the tutto would look great on him and the d’lish is waay too small for him.

The biggest difference in these diapers is not the minky, but the insides. They are really kind of All-In-2’s because theoretically you could remove the snap-in inserts when they are dirty and reuse the outsides. Theoretically, because unless you have an extremely light wetter, and no poo at all, that would not happen. I am not a fan of All-In-2’s for this reason. To me, you should just call them All-In-One’s because you are going to wash the whole thing, every time.

But, I digress. Take a look at the insides of the bitti tutto:

So… yeah. All those pieces snap inside the diaper, somehow. The bitti d’lish has 2 pieces as well, they just look a little different. The baby’s bum is not against a solid piece, but against 2-3 difference snap-ins simultaneously. I thought it was really weird at first, but it seems to work fine. I have never had a leak with itti bitti!


  • CUTE! Hugable! Seriously, you would not believe how cute a baby in a minky diaper is.
  • Very absorbent
  • Customizable with the snap-in soakers
  • Customizable with the waist and leg sizing (bitti tutto only)
  • Very soft soakers
  • Virtually no staining – the soaker material must be really stain-resistant because we’ve had some solid-food-poop messes in them and they never even discolor!

Overall, I really like this brand of diaper. My only complaint is how confusing the soaker inserts are (I am always wondering if I’ve “done it right”), and the fact that they are All-In-2’s.

You cannot beat the hugability of these diapers!!

Rating: 4 out of 5

NOTE: I was given the itti bitti diapers for free at BlogHer 2011 the Haute Green party and from a friend who let me have one to try. All opinions are my own, I’m the one who has to clean up the poop, people!