Cloth diaper Thurs: BabyKicks 3g Bumboo Pocket Diaper

Due to all the great diapers I received at the #HauteGreen party at BlogHer this year, I have about 6 new brands I’ve been able to try! I am going to review them every Thursday for around 6 weeks.
Lest anyone ever think that all I do is give positive reviews, I will point you toward this one. I really hate to say I don’t like a cloth diaper, but this one is pretty much useless to me. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

BabyKicks 3g Bumboo Pocket Diaper – Natural Hemp Fiber cloth diaper

What I love about this diaper is that it is ALL natural fibers. Unfortunately, that’s also what seems to cause the problem. Although the manufacturer’s site says the outer shell of the pocket diaper is PUL, it doesn’t look like any PUL I’ve seen – there’s no waterproof material, that I can see.  Therefore, when the insert soaks through… the pocket shell is next. My toddler peed right through the Joey-Bunz insert plus the shell in the first hour he wore it (yes, I washed it multiple times beforehand, as directed). I added an additional cotton/hemp insert to help with absorption but that made the pocket very tight-fitting and it still wicked some moisture into the air flow vents which are touted as being helpful in preventing diaper rash.

The other weird thing about this diaper is the way it snaps. As I’ve mentioned, we’re still getting used to snaps. The snaps on this diaper are the opposite of other snap diapers – usually you pull the back over the front, like you would with a disposable or with hook-and-loop. But this diaper, you put the front over the back…

Can you see the design difference a little better in this pic?

I realize that this design is attempting to circumvent the issue of tab hangout that happens with snaps. I hate that too, so I wish it worked better in this design.  Unfortunately, it’s a huge “husband hangup”. He can’t figure out how to use them and it’s intimidating – part of the reason many people skip snaps altogether.

I really wanted to like this diaper, but I think I’ll probably end up giving it away to someone who likes this brand better. If you’re a fan of this brand and would like a free {gently used} diaper, you can have it for whatever the cost of shipping. First come, first serve – whoever leaves a comment or emails me first!

Rating: 2 out of 5

NOTE: I was given the BabyKicks 3g Bumboo Pocket diaper for free at BlogHer 2011 the Haute Green party. All opinions are my own, obviously, since I’m sure this won’t be their favorite review ever…

7 thoughts on “Cloth diaper Thurs: BabyKicks 3g Bumboo Pocket Diaper

  1. Amanda Alvarado says:

    How much is shipping? LOL I would be interested if it hasn’t already been spoken for!  This is a brand I’ve been wanting to try but hate to shell out the money for a brand new one esp since I’m not a big fan of snaps to begin with.  I love that it’s hemp though!

  2. Calley @TheEcoChic says:

    Jenny – this diaper takes some time to love but I wish you would take a little while to fall in love with it.  Honestly, side snaps are a little intimidating but I love how sleek they look when they are on a baby.  You shouldn’t have any wicking through the diaper though – there is a waterproof PUL layer built into the diaper.  I’m curious if you got one of their fitted diapers by mistake?  The fitteds wouldn’t have PUL but would require a cover.  What color is the diaper?

  3. conscientious says:

    Hey Calley! It is exactly the one in the picture on my post – the red one. Matches exactly with the BabyKicks web site photos of the 3g Bumboo pocket, and it has a pocket for the insert so I don’t think it is accidentally a fitted… Unfortunately, with two babies in diapers I don’t really have the luxury of trying again and again with a diaper that has leaked consistently every time. It’s not really worth much to me if it can’t hold pee 🙂

  4. Tiffany K. says:

    I realize this post is super old, but did you end up sending it to Amanda? If you still have it and want to get rid of it, I’d love to pay the shipping to you!

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