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Since I’ve lately gone to all the trouble to actually purchase “real” URL’s for my two blogs, and have also started to attend more BlogHer/DFW Blogger meetups, it appears the time has come for me to actually order blog business cards.

I do plan to attend the BlogHer conference in 2010, so might as well get ready now!! I’ve also really appreciated other bloggers having cards at our meetup events, and I do realize how difficult it is to remember and how to spell it! I especially like the design of the cards I’ve received from Since I am not a designer myself, I’ve just picked a template design from

Here is my question: should I put an email address on my cards? My initial thought was no, because I know at some of the events there are vendors collecting cards, and after working in email marketing myself for 5 years before my current job, I know they often use those cards to build their non-permission-based email lists. I know I can set up a special box for my blog email with more robust filtering, but I really like to get blog feedback right away on my iPhone so I can monitor comments, etc. I’d hate for the spam to start coming to my iPhone.

A related question: If I do include an email address, which domain to use? This one or Then there is always the option of setting up a whole new Gmail address neutral to both. So many choices!! I hope someone sends me some feedback on this soon! I’d love to order the cards to arrive before next week’s DFW BlogHer meetup at Charming Charlie‘s!

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