Ant update

Tomorrow I have some great eco-friendly cleaning product recommendations, so stay tuned!

I wanted to update everyone on the ant situation. The ants went away for the most part on Saturday night and were gone all day Sunday. I was very excited to cook my first few meals in over a week.

Then. Last night. The ants came back.

Just as bad as before or worse.

Back to washing dishes in the bathroom sink and bathtub.

Our poor nanny is so disappointed. She never got to go back to washing things in the kitchen sink like I did for 24 hours.

I guess we will be calling Eco-Safe again tomorrow for a second treatment.

I say this to warn anyone else who is looking into “green” extermination. Just be aware that it doesn’t work as great as the earth-killing chemical kind. Or as fast. Or, maybe…. at all.

One thought on “Ant update

  1. The Eco Chic says:

    Oh Jenny – how frustrating! We’ve had African Bees AND termites so I can totally sympathize with you-although both required a deadly mix of chemicals to rid our home of their presence. I’ll be saying a prayer for a speedy any removal! I wonder where their nest is and how they chose your kitchen. Ugh!!!! Good luck my love!

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