7 Quirks

So, I am going to participate in the 7 Quirks thing that Interstellar Lass put on her site. I know the rules are to “tag” 7 other people, but you readers don’t have blogs, you just read my site, so I don’t have anyone to “tag”.

The rules are to list 7 quirks about myself.

1. I love to clean. Seriously, sometimes I have to restrain myself from cleaning or tidying things in public. I get some kind of weird enjoyment out of it. I realize most people think this is sick.

2. I am a people pleaser. This is not a positive thing, and that’s part of the reason I’m in Celebrate Recovery for the second time. If I don’t go through Step 3 about every single second, the people pleasing will eventually control my life.

3. I have to closely monitor my tendency to over-commitment when it comes to social activities. At this point in my life, I realize and admit that I require down-time in my life or I start to go postal. But because of #2, I feel guilty for saying “no”, and will instinctively say “yes” even at the expense of my health or sanity. There was kind of an awkward moment this week where I had to have my husband re-neg on one of our commitments because I had scheduled things back-to-back for 4 days in a row and I was going crazy just thinking about it.

4. I will not knowingly eat anything with partially or fully hydrogenated oils in it. I will not buy anything and allow it in my house that contains PHO’s. I also do not believe in feeding anything with PHO’s to children.

5. I did not grow up wanting to get married and have babies. This is quirky because I live in the South and apparently every little girl here grows up with that desire, but I didn’t. I am married now, and I love it, but we still don’t know about children.

6. I think Asian children are much cuter than Caucasian children. Part of the reason I am not sure I’d want to have a child is because it will never be as cute as its Asian equivalent. It makes me sad that neither my husband or I are Asian so I can’t have biological Asian children.

7. If someone grabs my big toe unexpectedly, I cannot breathe.

Feel free to write your own 7 Quirks in the comments, or email me!!

One thought on “7 Quirks

  1. InterstellarLass says:

    I can’t relate to loving to clean. I cook, but someone else cleans. 🙂 But I do have to admit, after a good cleaning, there is some satisfaction. But it doesn’t give me enough excitement to do it too often. 😛

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