7 Quick Takes Friday #30

— 1 —

We slacked off on the unpacking for a while, but I’m getting re-motivated since pretty much all our family will be visiting or staying with us at some point starting in the next week. Fortunately, my BFF Millie is the first to visit and she is bringing me LOTS OF WINE!

— 2 —

Which leads me to ask: What is wrong with you, Dallas?! We were supposed to get a Trader Joe’s some time this year but apparently the city has been bickering and negotiating and overall no one has decided where to put it. This is why I am having to have a friend from OUT OF STATE bring me Two Buck Chuck. Get on the ball, Trader Joe’s! I am just sitting here, waiting to give you money!

— 3—

I am selling things on eBay and Craigslist. Sometimes when I unpack I realize I need to get rid of even more stuff than when I packed. Also, we could really use the money. Anyone want a fencing jacket, an armoire, or some gender-neutral, eco-friendly nursery decorations?

— 4 —

The house has still not rented. We’ve had several people say they are going to rent it but they never follow through or maybe they are putting it off. I continue to vacillate between being OK that we are going to go completely broke and being terrified about it. I know that the correct response is to trust and have faith. But sometimes seeing everything slip away slowly kinda freaks me out.

— 5 —

I am excited about some possible blogging opportunities in the upcoming year. However, they will require a lot more writing time and I am still trying to figure out how to do that without having to pay for babysitting, since I don’t make enough off the writing to cover the cost of childcare.

— 6 —

Oh no the baby is waking up.

— 7 —

Yes, she is up. Have a good week!


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