7 Quick Takes Friday #28 – Looking forward to New House Edition

This week’s 7 Quick Takes are all the things I am looking forward to about our new house! Although we don’t have a definite close date yet, things are moving along. When the paperwork or the stress of all the potential remodeling gets a little overwhelming, I just focus on how I’m looking forward to…

— 1 —

Having an electronic garage door. I’m so freaking tired of manually lugging the heavy wooden garage door in this rental house up and down several times a day. It was especially fun throughout my last pregnancy.

— 2 —

Having a yard without dangerous bricks, sticks, pipes, and covered in mud. Not that there aren’t some muddy spots in the new place, but since it’s ours we are going to be able to get a landscaper to come out and fill up those spots.

— 3—

Finally having enough room to leave my sewing machine out where it’s easily accessible at any time, instead of having to haul it out of the closet and set it up on the kitchen table, then remove it again before we have to eat or the kids wake up.

— 4 —

Not having to move Little Lady back and forth between the Pack N Play in the office and the crib in the room she shares with Little Sir all night, based on whether we need to use the computer in the office. Having her own room will be AWESOME!

— 5 —

The stairs. At first I wasn’t too enthused, but now I am seeing this as a great way to tone my derriere. Man, my bum is going to be so amazing considering how many times I am going to have to go up and down between the living areas and the kids’ rooms all day!

— 6 —

Toy storage! Right now our house is literally too small for a toy box or any kind of shelf system to store the overflow of toys. There’s simply nowhere to put another piece of furniture anywhere. We have no toy box, no bins, nowhere at all to store the toys except on the floor in the living room. The bedroom the kids share is completely filled by the bed, the crib, the glider, and the changing table.

It’s a huge mess and Little Sir isn’t able to help us pick up his toys because, poor guy, it’s unclear where anything goes – we just sort of shove everything to the perimeter of the living room so we can walk through.

I can’t wait to get organized!!

— 7 —

Play areas for the kids! Not only are their bedrooms going to be big enough to actually play in, but downstairs we will be turning the breakfast nook into a play area, too. Which means I’ll be able to cook while they’re playing instead of having to leave the room to cook. I can’t wait to cook again!


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