7 Quick Takes #49

7 Quick Takes Friday hosted by ConversionDiary.com

— 1 —

I’ve almost done 50 of these 7 Quick Takes hosted by ConversionDiary.com. I love the format, but I haven’t actually been participating in the Linky part on the host blog. Therefore, next time I do a 7 Quick Takes, I am going to format my own graphic and call it just 7 Quick Takes. It might happen on any day, and it won’t be linked to anyone else’s blog. Unless you want to link up! Feel free!

— 2 —

Someone once told me never to apologize for blogging absence, just pick up where you left off. I should probably heed that wisdom and pretend I didn’t actually just skip blogging this week. But I think we all know that I did.

— 3—

I am surviving Little Sir’s new food sensitivity diet, but just barely. I can’t believe we’ve only been on it for a little over a week! It feels like 100 years. Don’t forget, if you have a child or family member with similar dietary restrictions, you can follow the What Little Sir Can Eat board on Pinterest.

— 4 —

We are doing some traveling with our 2- and 3-year-old this weekend. It’s times like these that I wish it wasn’t illegal to drink in the passenger’s seat.

— 5 —

For reasons mentioned above, I doubt I’ll be seeing any kind of Mother’s Day special-ness. I’ll be responsible for making my kids behave in public in an unfamiliar environment. However, I also just think that all the marketing around Mother’s Day has kind of set us up to expect a little too much. Like we’re supposed to be disappointed with anything less than sleeping in, breakfast in bed, pedicures, massages, jewelry, and all sorts of expensive gifts. If it’s just another day…let’s not feel cheated, ok?

— 6 —

I’m getting some pretty obvious roots, so it’s time to re-do my hair. I’m thinking of trying to bleach it myself to save money. Since most of the pink has faded, I’m using hair chalk to add color. It makes your hair feel stiff and dry (it’s chalk!), but I really like the effect!

— 7 —

Since my Kindle couldn’t connect to WiFi to update and the kids will be watching the iPad, I’m going old school on our trip and reading REAL, physical magazines on our trip.

Well that’s all for this week, be sure to visit Conversion Diary for links to more 7 Quick Takes Fridays.