2015 To Do List


As explained in previous years, I don’t make resolutions. I make “to do” lists, to help inspire me to complete tasks that I would otherwise skip. Sometimes it’s something around the house, sometimes it’s learning something new, and sometimes it’s actually self-care (last year: go to the dentist after 3 years). Read more...

2014 To Do List – How Did I Do?


Every year I make a To Do List instead of resolutions. This is the time of the year where I check in on my 2014 list to see how I did!

2014 To Do list

1. Go to the dentist.

Liver detox by going semi-Paleo


I am excited to say that we are getting somewhere with the naturopath treatments for my stomach and skin. As I mentioned before, the issue seems to primarily be my liver, which has been treated holistically for a little over a month now. Read more...

Get started with clean eating: Superwoman Detox Giveaway!


I getĀ a lot of questions about how to get started eating more “cleanly”. Personally, I abide by the 80/20 rule of eating clean 80% of the time and eating not as cleanly 20% of the time or less. I don’t go overboardĀ or eat junk during that 20%, but sometimes when I got to restaurants, for example, I don’t know exactly what oils they used to cook their food and I can’t guarantee that the produce is organic or non-GMO. Read more...

10 Surprising Foods That Contain Sugar


During my 28 days of no sugar or sugar-like products (honey, molasses, agave, coconut sugar), I was surprised to find that some staples of the kitchen contained added sweeteners. Before this cleanse, I thought my sugar intake was probably pretty low already. Read more...