We signed a lease today!

We signed the lease today on our second choice. In the end, I think this place is much better. We don’t have to share a parking area or a yard – we don’t share anything except one wall, and that is the kitchen which is on the other side of the house from any bedrooms. The kitchen is open to the dining and living area, it has a gas stove, and we have 1 more room than we have now! We have 2 full bathrooms, AND it is right off of White Rock Lake. So, we are excited!

Also, we got an estimate from CarMax on how much they’ll give us for the VW. It has started breaking down randomly in addition to the $500+ worth of work it needed even before it started doing that. The estimate is good for 7 days, I hope it can make it out to CarMax this weekend for its final journey without breaking down.

And, don’t forget

Happy Birthday to Christian!!

(September 14)