Twilight: Breaking Dawn

What I thought of Breaking Dawn

¬†On Thursday night I went to a midnight showing of the most recent movie in the Twilight series, “Breaking Dawn”.

Let me preface this by saying that the only reason I read the books was because I was put on bed rest when I was pregnant with Little Sir in 2009 and that was the exact time the books were becoming so popular. Therefore, I ended up reading the books.

What did I think of the books? I will be honest with you, I found them pretty fluffy. The thing that bugged me most was how Bella got her ass kicked most of the time and had to have someone save her. The third book was my favorite because that is when she actually started kicking some ass herself. LOVE THAT.

So I have really been looking forward to the last movie(s) because I am thinking that this is when the female starts striking back and it’s all awesome and stuff.

Not so much this movie. This movie was one long Edward-and-Bella lovefest with the usual Jacob drama and then a very unrealistic pregnancy thrown in. The thing that bothered me the most was that they kept showing Bella laying on her back while 8-9 months pregnant. WTF?! Anyone who has been pregnant can tell you that there is no way you can lie on your back past about 6 months without suffocating yourself or the baby. As the baby gets larger and heavier, laying on your back causes the uterus to rest on the major vein that supplies blood to the rest of your body. Laying on your back causes you discomfort but also lightheadedness and eventually you’d even pass out if you did it for too long. And as the movie and the book stated, apparently Bella’s monster baby was much heavier than the usual human baby. Logically, every time she rolled even slightly near her back she should instantly pass out or cut off the baby’s oxygen supply in the womb. But nooooooo she was laying on her back most of the time. Aaaggh!!

Did I like the movie? Well, it is of course visually stunning like the other movies. And I do enjoy the storyline, as I did with the books. I wanted to see Bella be a vampire for a significant amount of time so I was disappointed in that regard.

I will say this: I am just really looking forward to the third movie when the ass-kicking starts.