The crazy hair project

If you follow this blog on Facebook or Twitter (and you should), you may have seen that this weekend I posted a link to the following YouTube video of a female drummer with amazing hair:

My husband found this video through one of his friends on Twitter, I think, and told me that it would be super great if I dyed my hair this way. I have to say, I thought it was a good idea. I asked you guys and my personal friends on Facebook and Twitter and got a lot of “go for it”s and no “um, no, you are too old”. So if you DO think I am too old (which was my initial fear too), you better speak up now because I am now at the seriously-considering-it phase.

It’s a good phase of life for me to do something like this because a) I do not have a “real” job — just teaching Pilates part time and no one there cares if my hair is pink b) my kids are too young to be embarrassed by me yet, c) I’m not planning on being pregnant or trying to get pregnant in the next 6 months, so it’s finally safe to dye my hairs, and d) if I wait much longer, I really WILL be too old.

I’m not going to get all single-white-female and exactly copy her look, I am probably going to keep my same haircut (maybe a little more razor cutting on the ends), and most likely just use my regular stylist for the cut. The color is going to take a little more thought. I am considering these options:

1) Pay for color at a real colorist. This could be pricey. I have several recommendations that I am going to research today. Since I’d have to do a platinum bleach first, I think it would have to be re-done every 2-4 weeks, right? The advantage of a professional is that they can target a shade that will look right with my skin. The disadvantage is that I wouldn’t have any control over the toxicity levels of the product they’re using.

2) Do it myself. I think I would probably go to the health food store and look for low-toxin bleaching options and then order Wild Streaks Henna in pink to do the highlights. Anyone ever tried this?

3) Some kind of hybrid of both. For example, go to a colorist for the first attempt and then try to replicate the touch-up myself with alternative products. I think the bleach part is the part I need to most professional help with because that’s where I’d need to match appropriately with my skin tone.

Either way, Lauren has told me that I’ll probably only be able to maintain this hair color for about 6 months before it destroys my hair and I have to stop.

Anyone else tried this, used henna color, or have any suggestions?

One thought on “The crazy hair project

  1. Jessica Allen says:

    OMG I’d totally do it, if I were as hip as you! I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to FINALLY get my nose pierced as one last hang on to my younger years, but I keep talking myself out of it. Namely because I’ll be 36 in a few months. 🙂
    So back to your real question…I’d go with option #3 and have the stylist do it right the first time, then try upkeep on my own.
    Do it, do it!!

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