Stupid things

#1 I had to work over the weekend to deliver a report that my performance review now depends upon. But, the person who utilizes this report has left the company. Yesterday, I figured out how to look at the report’s destination and saw that no one has even looked at what I worked 5 hours on Sunday to send out. But I still have to keep doing this because otherwise I get dinged on my performance.

#2 I just sent someone a report they asked for, with an explanation why the report was long. They emailed me back asking why the report was long.

#3 I just sent someone some numbers and explained where they came from. This person replied asking where the numbers came from.

One thought on “Stupid things

  1. the boy says:

    I would have shot myself by now if I were you! Congrats on not doing that! I hear you have another opportunity coming your way? We are anxious to hear about this. Hope all is well with the unpacking!

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