Maybe not.

Well we did call the guy and tell him we wanted the house – we did have a verbal agreement with that representative based on what he told us. However, after hearing from the actual owner today it turns out that some of our non-negotiable requirements are not able to be met with this house (specifically, the garage…we can have either the garage or our privacy, and we really wanted to have both if we were going to sign a 2 year lease).

So, the deal is a no-go, which is also an answer to prayer in a way – even though not the one we wanted.

However, we did turn in the 30 day notice to our current apartments on Saturday. Since we do not have another option of where to live, we might need to go ahead and try to get that back from them on Monday.

Things are up in the air again, I guess. More weeks of leaving work early and/or trying to look at rental houses during our lunch hours. I am getting really sick of it.

Cigarette Count: Number of cigarettes my upstairs neighbors threw into my back yard today, which I had to pick up and throw away: 1