I guess the Glamour is over

My favorite fashion/lifestyle magazine was Glamour when I was young and single. Shut up, it has good articles. It is really not as trashy as the cover wants you to think.

Now Cosmo, that is trashy for real. I know because I used to get Cosmo in my early 20’s when my lifestyle was significantly different than it is now. As I got older and “changed my ways”, as they say, I moved to Glamour.

I still appreciate the fashion and some of the makeup… but I can’t afford $800 shoes or $50 lipstick. And I hardly even wear lipstick anymore! My husband can’t stand the stuff. I don’t need help determining if a man wants to date or marry me.

I do still work hard to be reasonably fashionable. I only wear a tennis skirt once a week. I wear dresses and slacks. I do wear makeup and I do style my hair most days.

It is time for Glamour to go. There are 3 issues sitting in our magazine bin right now, unread and making me feel guilty. The current issues of Real Simple, Parents, and Kiwi magazines are in the bin and I actually want to read those magazines.

I have only been reading Glamour out of guilt. Maybe feeling that if I read it,  I can hang onto my “cool”. That I can pretend I still need to convert my “day outfit” into a “night look”. When in fact, I spend the early evening breastfeeding an infant until she goes to sleep and then writing for a few hours before going to bed myself.

I am 33 and married with 2 babies, my friends, and there are magazines within my demographic that would serve me better. I will bid this magazine a fond farewell. There’s always Pinterest!

3 thoughts on “I guess the Glamour is over

  1. Kate, aka Guavalicious says:

    I knew I was officially old when Redbook became my favorite magazine. But I’ve accepted and besides, it’s pretty awesome and they feature lots of bloggers!

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