I feel attacked

Since we’ve gotten back, it hasn’t been a great re-entry, to say the least.

  • The first day back at work, I was so unhappy and dreading it so much that I was nauseous all night the night before, and then had a splitting headache all day.
  • There was some drama, which I’d rather not blog about, but suffice it to say, the result is several thousand dollars gone.
  • Our air conditioner leaked all over the hallway yesterday.
  • I am so behind at work that I am going to be working at home tonight for 2-3 hours.
  • I have been massively angry about the drama for about 24 hours now. So angry that I start shaking. This is a negative thing to feel and it is unpleasant.
  • At work today, we found a serious error that has one of my customers very, very upset. It was not my fault, but unfortunately, it is my problem.

I had this epiphany while on vacation that I really want to work somewhere that I can serve the end customer directly. Right now what I do is try to serve people well, who turn around and use the services I provide them to treat other people badly and disrespect them. My dream job would be something like a coffee shop were I could do the books or work out front. But the aforementioned unforeseen thousands of dollars we’ve now lost will definitely keep me from being able to take a lower-paying job, especially if we ever want to move out of this apartment.

Which reminds me:

Cigarette Count:
Number of cigarettes my upstairs neighbors threw into my back yard today, which I had to pick up and throw away: 2