Green Swiffer

Did you know that I have discovered that you can put a microfiber cleaning cloth onto the bottom of a Swiffer mop and use the microfiber cloth instead of Swiffer cloths for dry mopping? Then just throw the microfiber cloth into the washing machine. I am sure everyone knows this but me, but I thought it was neat. I get the microfiber cleaning cloths at the dollar store so they are super cheap. I realize I could pay around $10+ apiece for microfiber cloths at some stores but sorry, I am not there yet. I cannot bring myself to do that when I can get them for much cheaper.

I have taken pictures of how I attached the (cheap) microfiber cloth to the broom thing.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Final product

I read on Wikipedia that microfiber cloths are not biodegradable, is that true? I might give one to my friend who has a compostor and find out for sure. Or bury one in the earth for a few months. I will let you know. But they also have the advantage of not requiring chemical cleaning products. So what is the trade-off?

I also realize I might get some traffic from Swiffer and they might be mad. I am sorry about that, but I have felt bad about buying the disposable cloths for some time now, and if I can substitute them for something that is washable and reusable, I would rather do that. Just think of all the business I have given you over the years, Swiffer. And I do still plan on buying a Swiffer WetJet for my wood floors, even though I admit I am planning on rigging it with microfiber cloths and environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

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