Free food

All I have left to pack now is the bathroom and the kitchen, which I am dreading, but we are very close! However, the main snafu is that we cannot get in touch with our landlord and the refrigerator currently in the house was pulled in from the garage and is covered in rust and mold. When I say covered, I mean COVERED. As in, it is not white anymore, it is dappled with grey/green (the mold) and orange (the rust). It smells, drips, and makes weird noises constantly. We cannot use it. But we also cannot contact our landlord. None of the numbers he left are good and he did not answer the email we sent. I am beginning to move to Plan B, which is to assume we will be without a refrigerator for an unknown period of time starting on Sunday when we no longer have access to the old apartment. I will be giving away and throwing away all our refrigerated foods, and begging friends for room in their fridges for the things that can’t be given or thrown away. This does not make me happy, but at the moment there isn’t an alternative.