Election Year Personal Facebook Hiatus

Hey guess what? I voted this morning!

If you are Friends with me as a person (not a blog page “Like”er) on Facebook, I will be taking a personal Facebook hiatus effective RIGHT NOW until 2 days after the election is over. Don’t worry, I will still be checking my blog Facebook page, so please feel free to leave me comments there. I’ll be posting a great wheat bread machine recipe later this week. Let’s have a conversation about something other than Republicans and Democrats! Canadian readers?

I did the Election Year hiatus in 2008 and it was a great idea. It made me stop wanting to punch everyone in the face because we don’t always agree on politics. Back then most of the political things came via email, not Facebook, so it was actually an email autoresponder. Nowadays, Facebook is the culprit.

Here is the thing: you are not going to change my mind and I am pretty sure I’m not going to change yours based on some infographic or quote you shared. I have firm beliefs and convictions in these areas which, no, I don’t want to discuss. I am OK with everyone else having their convictions because this is a free country.

I will leave you with this verse from the Bible which I think is a good sentiment even if you aren’t a Bible-believing Christian:

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

Eph. 4:2-4

P.S. It is not my general policy to delete comments from people who disagree, but if there are any negative comments I reserve the right to delete them and turn off commenting on this post.