Bees in the house

Just in case the exploding soup were not enough weirdness for the week…on Monday I was working from home, as usual, and noticed a bee in the house. I thought, very weird. I trapped it under a cup and went back to work. Then another one showed up. And another…I started text messaging Christian – “Bees in the house!”.

When all was said and done, I trapped 7 bees under 7 cups on Monday. I am really kicking myself for not taking a picture of the 7 cups on the window sill.

Tuesday we caught 4 bees. We think they were coming from the chimney and told our landlord so.

Today the pest control guy came out. I was told initially that he would be wearing a bee keeper suit! OMG I was so excited. I have never seen a person in a real bee suit! And at our house! I had to go in to work in the morning but Christian was all prepared to take surreptitious pictures of the bee suit for me.

It turned out there was no bee suit 🙁 We do not have enough bees to warrant a suit.

The pest control guy said those were probably just scout bees, he couldn’t locate a hive and there was no queen in sight. I can’t imagine why they would send out 11 scouts, all down one chimney, but ok…maybe bees are just not very efficient in their scouting.

And that is the story of the bees. I have not seen any today at all.

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