Bedroom remodel

I have finally decided to post pictures of how I painted the bedroom, since I finished the curtains this weekend. I am a little reluctant to do this yet, because I am still convinced that I have yet to find the perfect bedspread and/or pillows that will really tie the room together. But, the search is taking longer than I thought and I think it might be next year until I get that part figured out, so here we go.

You can ignore the demonic-looking cat on the bed. That is why we have to stick with dark colors, and we don’t actually sleep with that bedspread – it is for keeping the cat hair off the duvet underneath 🙂
I couldn’t find curtains I liked so I bought 4 twin flat sheets and made them into curtains. I’d really like to find a nice bedspread or pillows that would tie in the brown and green. And we do plan to get real nightstands at some point…but there it is!

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