Am I back?

I feel like I should probably read Galit’s guest post about balance regularly.

Every time I’ve had a major life change, it has taken me some time to regain my equilibrium. I’m old enough now to anticipate it and expect it, although that is in no way similar to actually being prepared.

So I knew this 2-kids thing was going to knock me for a loop. Little Sir is young enough that the sleepless newborn nights aren’t even a full year behind us, and here we are again.

My body has bounced back, but my mind… maybe not so fast. I think at 33, sleep is something that my mind actually needs more of in order to function than it did at 22.

It’s not so much that I haven’t had the time to blog, but that whenever I think of writing lately, my mind turns into a giant mush. Well, really any time I try to have any deep or coherent thoughts at all my mind goes mushy, nevermind trying to write.

I wanted to say: thanks for hanging around while I mentally recover. Don’t give up on me yet!