All I want is a Costco

Again last week on NPR/KERA there was mention by an industry expert about how Costco received some kind of award for how well they treat their employees. I was also talking to my friend who lives in Kansas City about how great the organic produce at Costco is, and how cheap she can get things there even though they treat their employees well and have quite a lot of sustainable processes and products.

I started daydreaming about this huge, vast cleared land space at the corner of Northwest Highway and Skillman (within scooter distance of my house), where something obviously very large is going to be built. I grasped at this wild hope – what if it is going to be a Costco?! How awesome that would be!!

I started Googling, but apparently I suck at that. I couldn’t find anything, but Christian found this article about the plans for Skillman and Northwest Highway. A JCPenney?! Weird enough. But then, my worst nightmare: ANOTHER WALMART!!!

I try not to curse on this blog, but WTF. W. T. F. ??!!

They just built a new Walmart at Forest & Abrams. Plus, years ago we were told that Walmart won’t build in urban areas and our area is something like 7 miles from downtown. Was this a lie?

I saw the Walmart documentary. I know what they do to get the low prices. And I can’t get behind that. But what kind of temptation is that – cheap food and other items less than a block away? When I know they would support things I don’t believe in?! Costco, where are you?!

6 thoughts on “All I want is a Costco

  1. Meg says:

    I heard receintly that Costco starts their employees at $17/hour. That’s less that a dollar less that what I make in HR! No wonder that’s the best customer service in town!

  2. Elizabeth Wickland says:

    Here is a list of links to the Costco Warehouses in the Dallas area. I love our Costco, and the people I know that work there love working there. I also know that our pantry is stocked with 60% of organic stuff, without even making a concerted effort, because that’s what Costco carries, and for a better price than the regular (non-organic) stuff at other grocery stores.

  3. J says:

    Unfortunately, I do know where they are 🙁 The closest one to me says it is 14.5 miles away. It is actually a 50 minute drive because it is up north and I live in the middle of the city. I just don’t have the ability with a full time job and all the volunteer and community commitments I have to drive 50 minutes each way to shop for an hour, frequently enough to recap the cost of the membership. Unless they move to my area, it’s just not feasible… 🙁

  4. texasholly says:

    I feel lucky to have Costco within 20 minutes and I know the feeling of having a totally amazing plan for an empty corner only to have it ruined by another Wal-Mart.

    *sulking away*

  5. Elaine A. says:

    We love Costco. We spend A LOT of money there, espeically on organic stuff. Even thir house brand is good for a lot of things.

    And I’m sorry about the Wal-Mart. We are anti Wally World around here. I haven’t stepped foot in one in years…

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