7 Quick Takes Friday #3

Here we are again for 7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

Well, I did it – I finally finished the entire Twilight series. The third and fourth books were the best, with the fourth being the best because it had a plot the whole way through. The third had a plot most of the way through, which was a relief after the near plot-less-ness of the first and second books. I think the fourth book would make a good movie with some action and CGI scenes. But honestly I think they could make all 4 books into a single movie if they really wanted, considering that more than half of the first 2 books are teenage emo love stuff. Bleh.

— 2 —

Now I have nothing to read again. 8 more days of lying down.

— 3—

I am blogging this before our weekly prenatal appointment in about an hour. When I have the results of that (am I dilated more? I know the suspense is killing you), I will post them on the family blog (AFamilyIsUs), rather than here. So take a look. Also, don’t forget to follow afamilyisus on Twitter – do it now, because we have to approve your Follow request. I can almost guarantee we will not be approving requests at the time that I actually start labor. At that point it will just be too late!

— 4 —

I am feeling so extremely blessed by our sweet friends who have been bringing us delicious foods twice a week to help with the cooking. I have some friends with serious cooking/food buying skillz!! And it has been fun to see someone show up at our house a few times a week since I am stuck here alone so much. I am also so thankful for the ministry that is CareCalendar.

— 5 —

The new season of Oprah has started. I know that probably no one cares about that, but I get really bored, people. I thought Whitney Houston’s makeup was AMAZING on Tuesday, I loved her lipstick shade and her eye makeup particularly. I was just sitting there staring at it. I did not care either way about Dr. Phil being on yesterday.

— 6 —

Speaking of television, of which I do not really watch a lot…I watch probably a cumulative 5 hours a week, sometimes that is even including Star Trek The Next Generation episodes which are on DVD and not TV. Anywayz, I was so relieved when Miss Elaine confessed yesterday that she also has no idea who the Kardashians are. I thought there was something wrong with me all this time for not knowing. Now I have accepted this as being OK, since I still have no idea who these people are or why I should care.

— 7 —

I finally had to remove all the Fleetwood Mac albums from my iPhone this week because every time I put the iPod on shuffle, it would play nothing but Fleetwood Mac. What is up with that? Very odd. It’s like the iPod had a crush on Fleetwood Mac.

Well that’s all for this week, be sure to visit Conversion Diary for links to more 7 Quick Takes Fridays.

3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday #3

  1. Vanessa says:

    I know it must be hard just being in bed all day. Is there a book or magazines I could bring you? I sent you the evite, suspecting you wouldn’t be able to come, but be there in spirit?

  2. Eddo says:

    I read the first Twilight book and you are right, TEENAGE EMO DRAMA! Whoa! I almost couldn’t handle it. I mean, they kept talking about the main Vampire dude being SO BEAUTIFUL. SO GORGEOUS. I mean, it is not possible to be as beautiful as the book made this dude out to be. I mean, he would have to be an Angel with glowing light shooting out of his pores and huge wings and a golden trumpet to look that amazing. So I never read any of the other books.

    I do recommend reading Dean Koontz’s One Door Away from Heaven, and LIFE EXPECTANCY IMMEDIATELY!!!!! OMW. Those books are life changing.

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