The Non-Organic Apple Wreath Solution

The other day at Trader Joe’s I got distracted by my children tipping over the kid-sized shopping carts and accidentally grabbed a bag of apples that were not organic. Oh no! Seriously, I wouldn’t freak out about this as much if apples weren’t rated #1 by the EWG as the most toxic fruit when grown conventionally. And yes, the testing is done on apples that have been thoroughly washed and peeled. The toxins run that deep in apples. Scary.

I’m not going to lie, I took it upon myself to eat some of them, but I didn’t enjoy it. All I could think about was the toxins! I had 4-5 apples left in the bag. What could I do with non-organic apples that are not fit for eating? I consulted Pinterest and found this wreath from L.Michelle using dried apples. She did a great job, it was very artsy. Fortunately, I have a dehydrator and one of those fruit/veggie slicers that consistently slices off large chunks of my fingers.

Non-organic apple wreath supplies

I have to admit that I did not look at her wreath’s picture when I ran to the craft store for supplies. I was too busy keeping both my kids in the cart and running to the potty with them midway through a 10 minute shopping trip. So my wreath doesn’t have the beautiful star anise or acorns or whatever. I made this thing on the floor with my kids jumping over it while trying to prevent them from actually eating the apples. Here is the result:

Apple Wreath made from accidentally purchased non-organic apples | Conscientious Confusion Definitely not as awesome as the original, but I hope that, with her instructions and my personal recommendation that you can do this even if you have two little “helpers”. Remember: you, too, can prevent the unintentional eating of non-organic apples by gluing your apples to a bunch of branches and hanging it on your door!

If you do make an apple wreath, please send me a link to your picture or tweet/Instagram it to me! I promise not to get mad when yours looks more awesome than mine.

Earth Day Lesson: Upcycling

upcycling from ThredUP

It’s April, and that means Earth Day! I am attempting to feature educational content on green living throughout this month, perhaps simple things that we kind of take for granted when it comes to the small steps that help us live more consciously in respect for the things we have been given.

Obviously, one thing we all need to do is reduce our waste. Did you know that according to, if we put all of the solid waste collected in the U.S. in a line of average garbage trucks, that line of trucks could cross the country, extending from NY to LA, more than 100 times?  I have recently been working with a company who has some great ideas on their Pinterest page devoted exclusively to “upcycling”, which is a buzzword for reusing items that would otherwise be thrown out.  Here are some favorite pins from that board:

Blue Jean Planters – Perfect way to extend the life of all those old jeans you have laying around!

Rain Boot Flower Pots – This just makes me happy!

Tank Top Tote – Easy way to turn your old tank in to a bag!

Easter Egg Slithering Snake – Don’t throw out those old Easter eggs!  Turn them in to a toy.

Placemat Basket – Don’t waste your money on buying storage baskets when you can easily make one from an old placemat.

Ketchup Bottle Pancake Mix Dispenser – Makes the perfect pancake!

Today’s word of the day is “upcycle”.

I know you’re probably on Pinterest too — what are your favorite ideas for upcycling? Have you tried any of them?