This cat is fat

I am planning a wondorous post on the difference between “natural” and “organic” but right now I am slow so instead I will leave you with this photo of my fat cat. She has struggled with her weight all her life. I had to share this picture of her fat lapping over Christian’s leg.

Yes, she got this fat eating organic food formulated specially for cats that don’t get much exercise…she had to work hard at not moving to get this way.

The cat got high

We got a neat new rug from Crate & Barrel, one of our favorite places to get furniture. Since we have all wood floors, I think it will help to have lots of padding in the main living room for the baby to crawl around on.

What’s funny is that apparently the new rug is giving off some kind of fume that only the cats can smell – I’ve kept the doors and windows open during the day and even the first night to keep the fumes away from us (and the baby in the tummy). However, I guess that the cats being so low to the ground can still smell some fumes because they act like LUNATICS around it.

Here is Samantha. They rub on it like catnip! And Gabby gets the crazy eyes and attacks everyone when she is on it!

Anniversary picture

I forgot to post this – a picture of us that the waiter took when we had dinner on our 2 year anniversary. Since we were in Nacogdoches, we ate at Casa Thomas, the restaurant where I worked as a waiter for a year. It still looked pretty much the same! I still really like the queso 🙂