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I do not accept unsolicited guest posts.

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Product Review/Advertising Policy

If you wish to propose your product or service for review, sponsored post, or to purchase advertising on my blog, your are agreeing to the following policies.

I will always fully disclose whether I received compensation at the top of the blog post, per FTC guidelines. In addition, I will only provide my honest opinion. I participate in the Blog With Integrity program and encourage all bloggers to do the same.

All links will be no-follow, per Google guidelines.

I am unlikely to review anything that:

  1. isn’t related to my goals of being a conscientious consumer and citizen (check where/how your product is manufactured),
  2. contains phthalates,
  3. food products containing trans fats (containing any “partially hydrogenated” or “hydrogenated” oils at all),
  4. creates waste when no longer in use  and isn’t recyclable,
  5. uses a high percentage of petroleum-based ingredients, or
  6. preys upon the uninformed consumer (no payday loan advertisements, etc.).

I look forward to partnering with your business or brand, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with questions about whether your product or service abides by my policies.

Let me state again: I do not accept unsolicited guest posts.