Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga - Jenny Bradford, North Dallas

I am currently on hiatus from teaching Kids Yoga. Make sure you are on my email list to receive updates when I do start teaching Kids Yoga again. Meanwhile, browse the books we use in kids yoga and feel free to buy a few!

Kids Yoga is a great way to help kids move around intentionally in a non-competitive environment. It’s all about animals, storytelling, and “all we have to do is try”. There is not a meditation or religious aspect to kids yoga. When we learn breathing, we are a bee, a lion, an elephant, or we are wearing pretend glasses! At the end of our movement time, we have a few minutes of lying quietly on our mats for shivasana. During this time, we’ll review what we learned that day about principles of balance, flexibility, and kindness. Teaching children to move in a non-competitive way and then to quiet themselves at the end is a great way to promote the ability to sit still and listen for longer periods of time as they get older, a characteristic that is valuable in both school and church environments.

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~ Photos ~

Kids Yoga in a Pre-K classroom
Teaching a kids yoga class at my childrens’ preschool Pre-K program “Y is for Yoga”!
Kids Yoga at The Sense-able Gym in Garland
Kids Yoga at The Sense-able Gym in Garland
2015 PlayGroup In The Park
Neighborhood play group class in the park (3-5 year olds)
June PlayGroup My House
Playgroup class in my home (3 and 4 year olds)


Saturday Classes in the Park
A Saturday Class in the Park (currently discontinued)