Homemade veggie/produce wash

I have been so impressed by Mel’s success in spending only $200 on food for a whole month, and also convicted that here in our family we have been woefully over our (very generous) budget in the food and eating-out categories. I had to come to the painful realization that all the organic items I’ve been buying have really been taking their toll on the ol’ wallet, especially now with food prices rising.

I discussed with Mel and Mica that it is hard for me to consider the idea of going back to buying conventional vegetables. We all had a good laugh about that, since apparently the term “conventional” vegetables is only something seen at Whole Foods…which is yet another reflection on how much time I spend in specialty organic shops.

I decided that if I need to buy conventional (non-organic) produce, I really want to take extra care to get as much of the pesticide residue off as possible. I have heard of products like Fit produce wash, but I think that spending $7/bottle on this wash would probably cancel out the monetary reasons for buying non-organic produce in the first place. I was pretty sure that I could find a recipe for a homemade wash, and here it is! I really like that there are 2 versions: a soak and a spray.
Last night after we went grocery shopping for the week I filled the sink with the soak version of the recipe and put a bunch of produce in it. I didn’t let it soak for a whole hour, probably more like 30 minutes, but I feel like it probably did help. At least I feel better about it and I am hoping it might even extend the fridge life of some of the produce. If you get a chance to use it, let me know how it goes!

Plate of Suffering?

Ok, so I am listening to that book The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter by Peter Singer and Jim Mason in audio format at work. This book is insane. These people will stop at nothing until we are all vegans who grow our own food in the backyard and forage. Don’t get me wrong, I am a vegetarian and I love animals. I don’t think animals should be subjected to the things they describe in this book. I am also very pro-environment, obviously. But seriously, these people are crazy.

This is a direct quote regarding why it is terribly wrong to ever eat shrimp or any fish:
“the suffering for every plate of shrimp could be more than that of a single, larger animal”

I was actually planning on making shrimp for dinner yesterday evening. When I heard that, I told Christian, “We will be having Plates of Suffering tonight for dinner”.

(plate of suffering)