7 Quick Takes Friday #36

— 1 —

After publishing my post about raw milk, I made the mistake of going to the CDC web site and reading what they think of raw milk. I am not even going to link to it because it is too depressing. Let me sum it up for you: they are pretty adamant that it is going to kill everyone. I got freaked out about that, now I am not sure if I want to continue with the raw milk thing. We are still working on the gallon we have. I wouldn’t be able to drive somewhere to buy it for almost a week, so I guess we have a little while to decide.

— 2 —

I am so excited to announce that I am officially going to BlogHer 2012! I think this warrants its own post, so I’ll be talking more about it later.

— 3—

We finally got the dirt put into our raised bed garden! Here is a super cute picture of Little Lady and Little Sir helping me fill it up.

Putting dirt in our garden! 

He was digging up dirt from the yard with his sand trowel and walking over to the garden to dump it in. The cuteness kills me! Little Lady was eating dirt. Yum.

— 4 —

Here are some more things to be confused about: I signed up for SproutRobot emails and it is telling me that I need to wait 2 weeks to let the bed “settle” before I can plant anything. At the same time, it says that the planting time for my area for most of the things I want to plant is RIGHT NOW OMG DO NOT WAIT YOU HAVE TO DO IT BEFORE SUNDAY. What?!

There is no way I can win with this stuff. This is hard work! I want to take a nap!
Whine, whine, whine.

— 5 —

I have read Book 1 and Book 2 of The Hunger Games series in the last week and they continue to be more awesome than I thought. I am waiting to borrow Book 3 from a friend. If I am not able to borrow it by this weekend I may actually go ahead and buy it on Kindle like I did with Book 2.

I am sad that I probably won’t get to see the movie until it comes out in Netflix, but oh well. That is how things work with 2 small children. Movies = Netflix.

— 6 —

I’m really working on trying to take this blogging more seriously, but I know that only posting twice a week is really not helping with that goal. We are missing the income from my part time job much more than I thought we would.

— 7 —

All the other things I wanted to put in this spot had to do with my kids. I am really trying to keep this blog from being all about them. So, have a great weekend everyone!


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My Garden: raised bed setup & homemade weed barrier

This is the year that I attempt to garden. Also known as the year I will probably kill more plants simultaneously than I have ever done in the past. I apologize to these brave and doomed plants ahead of time.

That said, we have finally managed to assemble the shell of a raised garden bed. We are the least handy people that you could possibly know, so we bought these handy dandy assemble-itself raised bed corners with a built-in soaker hose plug-in in one corner.

All you have to do is buy untreated lumber and insert it into the slots. However, no one mentioned that untreated lumber actually measures wider than treated lumber because it doesn’t shrink in production from being treated with chemicals. So the boards, instead of being smaller than the slots they were supposed to go into, were actually the exact SAME SIZE, meaning they wouldn’t go in the slots. We had to borrow a table saw and Christian spent the kids’ naptime on Saturday slicing tiny chunks off the ends of each board. I was scared he was going to cut of his fingers, but fortunately all he did was give everyone cedar allergies (it’s cedar wood).

In the end, we have this awesome raised bed, all ready for me to call someone off Craigslist and get some compost and dirt delivered!

Garden shell with cardboard weed barrier

The cardboard at the bottom is one layer of newspaper and one layer of cardboard.

Garden shell

Theoretically, this will form a weed barrier that will eventually decompose enough for the plants to break through if they need to grow further downward, while still preventing weeds from re-growing underneath.

Step 1: build raised bed = complete!
Step 2: get dirt
Step 3: get plants

Any advice/suggestions on growing things and making a garden for a first-timer with a black thumb?