Large gaps

I know I have had large gaps in posting. It’s hard for me sometimes not to post about things I might think because I know they will offend people who read my blog. Here are some things I am pretty sure I cannot blog about because someone I know is bound to 1) disagree 2) be offended or 3) begin to dislike me due to what I believe is right for me in these areas:

  1. Children or babies. Whether to have them or not have them. How I (or we) feel about various aspects of raising or birthing them or not doing either.
  2. Politics. I realize I pretty much can’t write about my opinions so I might not blog most of October. All I can tell you is, make sure you are reading the web site and the statements of faith your candidate posts there. Or lack thereof.
  3. Living in Texas. And how I feel about it, particularly around election time.
  4. Sports. This is not to avoid offending people, this is because I do not like sports, I never have, and I never will. I am not interested. I will never be. So you can imagine how fun the fall is for me in Texas.

So, give me a few days to think of some neutral things to talk about. Don’t worry, I’m all over it.

In between day

My birthday was good! We didn’t do too much, the big party is on Saturday. Last night we just had Community Group as usual, but Christian surprised me by bringing an ice cream cake for everyone to share. It was yummy! I will probably eat the last piece of it tonight 🙂

This is a weird in-between day while I wait for Valentine’s Day and whatever Christian and I will do for that holiday. I am a little freaked out because both the gifts I wanted to get him were unavailable in stores. Most things he likes are pretty much impossible to find, they have to be specialty ordered months in advance, and I didn’t do that.

I am hoping to finally get the shelves for the hallway photo gallery today, and as soon as I have them installed I will take pictures and post them on Flickr. You probably thought I forgot but I haven’t. I will finish this picture gallery someday!!!