March giveaway: $450 Amazon gift card!

FollowShare My friends and I are giving away a $450 Amazon Gift Card!

** UPDATE: This giveaway has ended, thanks for participating! **

I’m so privileged to have an amazing network of green, health, food, and nutrition bloggers in my life. Read more...

Changing Diapers: the end of my journey, the beginning of yours?


I reached a bittersweet milestone in my parenting journey in the last 2 weeks: I finally packed up all my cloth diapers! After consecutively and simultaneously cloth diapering two babies since 2009, it was my first time to start doing loads of tiny undies instead of cloth diapers. Read more...

Handmade fair trade empowering women: Amani ya Juu


You might not want to get out of bed early enough to work out today, but what if you had to get out of bed to carry water from a well to your house before you go to work in the morning or you wouldn’t have water for bathing and cooking all day? Read more...

Indoor play at Kidville: a giveaway!


Here in the Dallas area, we’re starting to see warmer weather already, but do you know what that means? Rain! Where are you planning on taking your kids to get their energy out when it’s too wet to play outside? Read more...

Tag, you’re it!


Is anyone still reading?

If so, I have some contest sort of thingys.

First of all, I have been tagged in real life with a sort of chain letter thing where you send scratch-off lottery tickets to 6 people. My brain is too fried to think of 6 people who would not be annoyed by me sending them scratch-off tickets, so I am asking you, internets. Read more...